Generic Acticin Permethrin cream

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Generic Acticin (Permethrin) 5% cream

Buy cream for the treatment of scabies.

Anti-inflammatory bactericidal, insecticidal drug.

Application – scabies, head lice, demodicosis.

Analogs: Benzyl benzoate, Metrogyl gel, Spregal aerosol. You can find out more about analogs, their prices, and whether they are substitutes at the end of this article.

Today we will talk about Permethrin (Generic Acticin) cream. What is this remedy, how does it affect the body? What indications and contraindications does it have? How and in what doses is Permethrin cream used? What can replace it?

Cream Permethrin (Generic Acticin)

Permethrin ointment is a drug for external use. It has antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-lice properties. The drug is capable of destroying parasites.

The production of the medication is carried out by pharmaceutical companies from the republics of Latvia and Belarus. The medicine is packaged in tubes, cans, the volume of which is 30 grams, 50 grams, 90 grams.

Active ingredient and composition

The main active ingredient in the composition of the Permethrin (Generic Acticin) ointment is permethrin. Excipients are:

  • purified water;
  • ethanol;
  • carbomer;
  • alkali;
  • macrogol.

1 gram of the drug contains 40 mg of the main substance.

Pharmacological properties

Permethrin ointment has the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anti-scabby;
  • bactericidal;
  • insecticidal;
  • acaricidal;
  • anti-lice.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Permethrin (Generic Acticin) cream is an antiparasitic substance that has an insecticidal and acaricidal effect. Getting on the skin, the compound enters the body of parasites. It disrupts the work of the nervous system of parasites and their larvae, causing paralysis and death.

When applied to the skin, the main component practically does not enter the systemic circulation. It is excreted from the human body by the urinary system.

Indications for use

The instructions for use state that Permethrin ointment actively copes with the following diseases:

  • demodectic mange caused by a tick;
  • pediculosis;
  • scabies, including secondary infection.


The medicinal product is prohibited for use in the following cases:

  • hypersensitivity to components;
  • children under 3 years old;
  • allergic skin reactions (rash, burning);
  • waiting period for the child;
  • breast-feeding.

Method of administration and dosage

With the above pathologies, the medicine is used topically topically. It is forbidden to carry out therapy of mucous membranes, eyes.

The affected area is cleaned with a cotton pad. The drug is applied with a stick, then rubbed intensively into the skin. Massage movements enhance the medicinal properties of the medication. The amount of the remedy depends on the patient’s age, the degree of integument damage.

For scabies, the medicine is applied once. Do not wet and wash off the medicine for 24 hours. After a day, the medication is removed from the skin using soap or shower gel. Bed and underwear is completely changed.

Permethrin ointment for demodicosis is applied 1-2 times a day, preferably before bedtime. The chime is removed from the skin. The course of treatment is 30 days. Demodectic mange therapy is carried out in a complex manner.

Simultaneously with the ointment, sulfur-containing medicines, antibacterial drugs, Metronidazole, Trichopolum are prescribed.

Permethrin in childhood, pregnancy and breastfeeding

The medicine is approved for use in children over three years old. Application time should not exceed 12 hours.

It is not recommended to use the medication while carrying a child and during lactation. If therapy is necessary in a nursing woman, lactation should be stopped during treatment.

Side effects

When using the drug, side effects may appear:

  • dryness;
  • burning;
  • irritation;
  • redness;
  • blistering rashes;
  • itching.

When these symptoms appear, you must stop using Permethrin ointment.


Cases of drug overdose were not recorded.

Interactions with other drugs

It is undesirable to use the ointment and any preparations for external use at the same time. They can reduce the effect of Permethrin Ointment.

It is also recommended to stop using glucocorticosteroids. They can worsen the symptoms of scabies.

Special instructions

If the medicine gets into the eyes or mucous membranes, they must be rinsed with warm running water. If necessary, go to the hospital.

If the ointment is accidentally swallowed, the stomach is washed and sorbents are taken.

Scabies ointment: instructions for use

The appearance of an unpleasant itch that you want to comb brings many uncomfortable moments in the patient’s life. If such symptoms appear, you should seek the advice of a specialist.

A qualified doctor will conduct an examination and establish the cause of this symptomatology. Only after that, the specialist can adequately paint the treatment, which, most likely, will include the ointment for scabies.

The choice of drugs with the required pharmacodynamic characteristics is quite wide. Understand them and prescribe the “correct” drug can only be the attending physician. In this article, we will only introduce the respondents to the list of drugs that meet the necessary medical requirements. Let’s designate some names of ointments for scabies.

The drugs that can effectively solve the problem under consideration include:

  • Generic Acticin (Permethrin) cream.
  • Sulfuric ointment.
  • Benzyl benzoate (Benzylii benzoas medicinalis).
  • Medifox.
  • Crotamiton.
  • Benzyl benzoate (Benzylii benzoas medicinalis).
  • Spregal.
  • Corticosteroid ointments.
  • Antihistamines.
  • Permethrin.

Permethrin (Generic Acticin) 5% cream

Available as a cream and spray. It is often used to treat scabies, head lice. Among the main contraindications to the use of this drug are: allergy to the substances that make up the product, breastfeeding, children under one year old are not recommended to use the drug. Cannot be used also for other skin diseases.

Scabies cream for children

It is unpleasant when the disease overtakes adults, but it is much more difficult if children are sick. The skin of young patients is still thin, not coarse and more sensitive, therefore, in the event of a problem, to solve it, it is not always possible to use the same drugs that easily help adult patients.

The modern range of products of pharmacological companies makes it quite simple to pick up an ointment for scabies for children, taking into account the individuality of the child’s body.

There are some peculiarities when using these drugs to treat small patients:

1. An adult should apply the drug to the affected area with sufficient care.

2. It is necessary to rub it into all areas affected by the disease, excluding areas of the face and scalp.

3. If this is a baby (or still a small child), in order to protect him from getting the drug in his eyes, it is advisable to wear a vest with stitched sleeves or mittens on him. If this is easier, it is acceptable to apply the ointment while the baby is sleeping.

Modern medicine to solve the problem of scabies in children uses drugs such as Permethrin, 10% benzyl benzoate, Spregal, Crotamiton, Lindane.

But it should be remembered that you should not self-medicate, especially when it comes to children. Any drug should be prescribed only by a qualified specialist.

This will avoid the possible risk of complications.

10% benzyl benzoate ointment in its composition has an insufficient concentration of the active active ingredient for the treatment of an adult’s disease, but it is quite enough to relieve the problem of a small patient.

Before proceeding with treatment (for both an adult and a small patient), you should check the level of sensitivity of the patient’s skin to the prescribed drug. Testing is simple: a little drug is applied to a small area of ​​the epidermis and waited for a certain period of time. If there is no allergic reaction, then the ointment can be used.

Odorless ointment for scabies

If it becomes necessary to treat the pathology in question, while the patient cannot afford to stay at home (he needs to go to work, go to the store, use public transport, and so on), it becomes necessary to use odorless medicines.

If the patient needs to prescribe odorless ointment for scabies, the doctor may choose zinc ointment.

But at the same time, he will have to simultaneously prescribe other drugs that have antiparasitic characteristics.

This is due to the fact that the mentioned drug does not have such properties in its pharmacodynamics. It only effectively relieves the symptoms of scabies that bring discomfort to the patient.

The main pharmacological effect of any medicine for scabies is to eliminate parasites (mites). All of them have scabicidal (killing the pathogen), anti-inflammatory properties.

Funds with the presence of sulfur in the composition also have a keratolytic (softening) effect, which increases the degree of penetration of substances deeper into the skin.

This provides a good antiparasitic effect.

Ointments containing the toxic poison esdepaletrin help effectively get rid of ticks by killing them. The agent directly affects the neurons of the central nervous system of the parasite.

If piperonyl butoxide is also included in the composition, then the pharmacodynamics of esdepaletrin increases. This speeds up the process of killing scabies mites in humans. The use of such medicines is recommended only for adults.

It is not recommended to treat children with such a remedy.

The choice of medicines in this group is extensive, for each drug there is an instruction, but there are general recommendations that are suitable for any medicine in the treatment of scabies. To maximize the effect of therapy, adhere to the following rules:

1. Before using the ointment, check the skin for an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. Apply it lightly on your hand and wait a while. If nothing happened, then the medication can be safely applied.

2. Take a warm shower before the procedure. This will help wash away some of the parasites (males) that live on the surface of the skin.

3. Apply a little ointment to the affected areas of the dermis.

4. Repeat this algorithm of the procedure according to the scheme, which is written in the instructions or prescribed by the doctor.

5. Change your clothes, hygiene products, bedding regularly. They need not only be washed, but disinfected: boil things, iron at a high temperature.

6. All actions can be performed only with clean hands, tampons or cotton swabs for applying the ointment are not used.

7. Make sure that the product does not get into the eyes, mucous membrane of the nose, mouth. If this happens, immediately flush the area with plenty of clean water.

8. The disease is contagious, so family members should undergo preventive treatment.

Ointments and creams for the treatment of scabies

Considering that today the pharmacological market is simply teeming with a variety of drugs, it is rather difficult to choose a really effective one. The same applies to medicines intended to combat scabies.

It should be understood that the tick has a complex structure, and also has the ability to survive and reproduce even in the most adverse conditions. Therefore, not all drugs are capable of destroying it. It is necessary to use only those drugs that adversely affect not only the tick, but also destroy all forms of the parasite’s vital activity.

The correct use of the anti-scabies medicine is also important here. If you do not follow the treatment regimen and do not take preventive measures, then even the best drug will not have an effective effect.

So, today we will look at the most effective ointments and creams for scabies.

Scabies in humans

Scabies is caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It parasitizes, as a rule, under the granular and stratum corneum layers of the epidermis. In the process of moving inside the epithelial layer, the mite lays eggs and excrement.

The behavior of the parasite at night is also interesting. During this time, the scabies mite likes to crawl to the surface of the skin to mate. After intercourse, the male of the parasite dies, and the female continues to “dig” passages inside the epithelium.

The tick usually parasitizes in such places:

  • palms;
  • genitals;
  • wrists;
  • elbows;
  • feet.

The tick’s love for these places is due to the presence of sweat glands, which creates an ideal environment for its reproduction.

It should be noted that the body begins to react not so much to the parasite itself as to its waste products.

The immune system responds to the appearance of foreign bodies in the form of a rash on the body, accompanied by itching, as well as shiny dense pink nodules (papulo-vesicular rash).

Such phenomena are characteristic for the initial stage of the disease and are formed upon repeated interaction with the parasite.

To distinguish scabies from common allergic reactions, you should look at the area covered by the rash. In this area, you can see whitish stripes up to 7 mm in size. These are the very passages in which the larvae are deposited.

Benefits of using ointments for scabies

The main plus is that scabies ointment can be purchased at any pharmacy and at an affordable price. Ease of use is also important. This advantage is relevant when the patient is able to independently use the prescribed remedy, without the participation of the medical staff.

The drugs do not have a pungent odor, which makes it possible to apply them to the affected area anywhere. They are well tolerated, quickly absorbed, do not leave marks on clothes and have a minimum of side effects.

Treatment of scabies with sulfuric ointment

Sulfuric ointment for scabies is considered one of the most effective. The product is produced in 10%, 20% and 33.3% types. The first is intended for the treatment of children, the rest – for adults, depending on the severity of the disease.

The main component of the drug is sulfur, which has a detrimental effect on the parasite and in a short time destroys not only it, but all of its waste products. The ointment is toxic to the tick. When interacting with the skin, the agent is converted into pantathionic acid and sulfides, which have antiparasitic and antimicrobial effects.

The duration of treatment is 5 days. Among the disadvantages of this drug are:

  • Strong smell;
  • highly drying effect;
  • tingling and burning sensation during application.

Benzyl benzoate ointment

Benzyl benzoate is available in 10% (for children) and 20% (for adults). It is recommended to apply the drug in the evening on washed skin. Remains of the ointment are not washed off. A break is taken for the next 2 days. Then the ointment is applied again (on clean skin). After processing, it is recommended not to wash your hands with soap and water for 3 hours.

It is not allowed to use benzyl benzoate for children under 3 years old, pregnant and lactating women. Among the side effects, there is rarely a slight burning sensation and tingling sensation. The ointment has a rather pungent odor, it is well absorbed and does not remain on clothes.

Permethrin cream (Generic Acticin) for scabies

The drug has acaricidal (destroying) effect on parasites. After application, the main component of the ointment penetrates the parasite and has a paralyzing effect on its nervous system.

Permethrin is applied for a day, then washed off with running water. The procedure is carried out once. If necessary, after 2 weeks, the treatment is repeated.

Among the side effects of the drug are burning and redness of the skin at the site of application.

Complications in the treatment of scabies with ointments

In addition to complications arising from the scabies itself, there are those that appear as a result of improper use of antiparasitic ointments. The most common of these is post-scabious dermatitis. In other words, this is a pathology that develops due to the uncontrolled use of acaricidal drugs.

In addition, negative reactions from the immune system can cause an increase in the dose of the drug or a decrease in the interval indicated in the annotation between use. It manifests itself, as a rule, in the form of allergies – redness, swelling, peeling, burning, rash, itching, erosive lesions in the area of ​​contact with clothing.

The use of 2 drugs with similar effects at the same time can also lead to complications. In particular, to scabious lymphoplasia, manifested in the form of bluish nodules in the navel, thighs, groin, armpits.

Therapy should be carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist. The doctor will definitely recommend the use of the prescribed drug to all family members to exclude infection. In addition, the dermatologist will advise you to change bed linen, towels, wash all clothes and underwear. Only in this case, the use of ointments and creams for scabies will bring a therapeutic effect.

Permethrin (Generic Acticin)

Permethrin is a chemical that kills ticks and ectoparasites like lice. Available in several dosage forms:

  • cream 5% – 50 g;
  • spray 0.5% – 50g;
  • solution for external use 0.5% – 50g;
  • cream shampoo 1% – 50 ml.

The drug is prescribed:

  • with head lice of any localization, the drug is effective not only against lice, but also nits;
  • with scabies.

For scabies:

1. The cream, which is rubbed into the skin, is applied from head to soles, while children must treat the temples, forehead and scalp. After 8-14 hours, the medicine is washed off. As a rule, after one application, the symptoms of the disease disappear, but if one treatment is not enough, then exactly 2 weeks later the procedure can be repeated. The average consumption of the drug per adult is 30g.

2. Solution for external use, which is treated at night, the entire surface of the body with the exception of the head and neck. The course of treatment is 3 days after that you need to take a shower, change bed and clothes.

For pediculosis, all dosage forms are prescribed:

1. On the scalp, the drug is applied with a cotton swab in the form of a solution, rubbing the drug into the roots, and left for 40 minutes. In this case, the head is covered with a scarf. After this time, the hair is washed with the use of cosmetics and in order to remove dead insects, the hair is combed with a fine comb. If live lice are found, the procedure must be repeated after a week. If there is a risk of re-infection, the solution is applied after water procedures to the scalp and body and left to dry completely (the medicine is not washed off). This treatment prevents insects from multiplying if they get back on the hair. You need to treat your hair every time you wash it. The effect of the procedure lasts from 14 to 21 days.

2. Cream or shampoo (it must be shaken before use), apply a thick layer on the hair and skin, and leave for 20-40 minutes. You can wear a scarf. After the procedure, wash your hair with shampoo or soap. Nits and dead lice are combed out with a comb with frequent teeth. If live insects are found, the hair must be re-treated after 7 days.

3. When using an aerosol for the treatment of head lice of the scalp, spray it along the entire length of the hair and rub the preparation into the roots, after 10-40 minutes, wash off with soap or shampoo. You can tie a scarf on your head. After treatment, comb the hair with a comb to comb out dead lice and their eggs. If live individuals are found, repeat the treatment either before the next shampooing or after a week. With pubic lice after spraying, the drug should be left for half an hour, and then washed off with water.

After processing, wash your hands well with soap. During the application of the medication, you need to ensure that it does not get on the mucous membranes, if this happens, they must be rinsed with running water. If the medicine is swallowed, it is worth rinsing the stomach as soon as possible. Processing should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, and preferably outdoors.

Use of the cream during pregnancy and lactation

It is permissible to use the medication in women in a position where the benefit to her outweighs the risk to the fetus.

The drug is prohibited for the treatment of scabies in women who are breastfeeding. With head lice, you can use the medication, but you need to make sure that the child does not swallow it.

Permethrin cream composition

The composition of the medicinal product may differ depending on the form of release.

The cream contains:

  • ceteareth-12 and 20;
  • etal;
  • mineral oil;
  • propylene glycol;
  • liquid silicone;
  • nipagin;
  • propylparaben;
  • glycerol monostearate;
  • purified water.

Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics

Permethrin is a means to kill ectoparasites, including ticks, head and pubic lice, their nits and larvae.

It disrupts the permeability of sodium channels in the nerve cells of ectoparasites, which inhibits the repolarization processes, resulting in paralysis of insects.

When applied to the skin, 2% of the dose of the active substance is absorbed. Once in the body, it quickly turns into an inactive metabolite, which is excreted mainly through the kidneys. With a single treatment, the anti-pediculosis effect can last from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the dosage form.

Purchase and storage conditions

The medication is sold without a doctor’s prescription. The cream is stored at a temperature not exceeding 15 degrees, the rest of the dosage forms – at a maximum temperature of 25 degrees, in a place protected from direct ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Generic Acticin for scabies

Scabies is a common skin condition caused by the scabies mite. The disease can affect absolutely all people, regardless of their age or gender.

But most often, the symptoms of scabies appear against the background of a weakened immune system.

Among all the possible methods for scabies, drug therapy is most often prescribed, but which drugs for the treatment of scabies are the most effective – this will be discussed in this article.

For those who do not yet know if it is possible to get scabies, the answer is yes. Scabies is a highly contagious disease and requires contact with an infected object to catch it.

It is not necessary to touch a sick person, it is enough to touch his personal belongings, for example, bed linen or clothes.

Since the clinical manifestations of the disease are very uncomfortable, the patient simply will not be able to ignore or tolerate them.

Note! Many patients, in an attempt to get rid of the unbearable itching, scratch the affected skin until small wounds form. This can lead to external infection.

Skin irritation occurs not due to the itch mite, but due to the body’s defensive reaction to it and its waste products. The development of allergies occurs gradually, therefore, the patient encounters the first signs in 2-3 weeks from the moment of infection. With repeated illnesses, symptoms appear immediately.

In order not to complicate the disease, at the first suspicious symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor for a diagnostic examination. Only a qualified dermatologist can determine the type of mite and prescribe scabies pills.

Principles of drug therapy

All medicines for scabies are divided into several main groups:

  • sulfur-containing drugs;
  • balsamic agents, or rather, their synthetic derivatives;
  • liquid preparations, various ointments and creams;
  • traditional medicines used to relieve the symptoms of scabies.

Medical treatment for scabies

All these drugs are aimed not only at alleviating the patient’s condition, but also at destroying the itch mite. But such a therapeutic effect is achieved due to the following requirements:

  • the active components of the drugs used should negatively affect not only the parasites themselves, but also their larvae;
  • the medicine should not have irritating and sensitizing side effects, and if they are present, then only in a minimal amount;
  • it is desirable that the agents used are easy to use, and also do not stay in the patient’s body for a long time.

In case of scabies, it is advisable to use drugs that do not leave any marks on clothes and do not have a specific smell. This will avoid discomfort.

Preparations for the treatment of scabies

It is recommended to use potent drugs when treating affected skin areas in a well-ventilated area to avoid poisoning. You also need to protect the organs of vision from getting ointments.

If this has already happened and the drug gets on the mucous membrane or eyes, then immediately rinse the affected area with plenty of clean water.

If, for any reason, the medicine is swallowed, then you need to rinse the stomach and take adsorbents.

The main drug form for scabies is ointment. The most common ones include:

  • “Zinc ointment”;
  • “Permethrin cream”;
  • “Sulfuric ointment”;
  • “Benzyl benzoate”.

Scabies ointments

Despite the high efficiency, the use of ointments for scabies is not always convenient. Many drugs are difficult to rinse off and have an unpleasant odor. In addition, topical preparations leave visible stains on clothing or bedding.